• Thermoregulation of industrial production processes


The Company's business card is its products: thermoregulation control units, heat exchangers, steam pressure regulators, pumping units and condensation recovery units, distribution manifolds, tanks and encasing for electric heaters, efficient and long lasting. These products are the result of great technical expertise, essential for the clients as well as for the sectors in which it operates. The Sicimi products are carefully studied and designed to achieve maximum compatibility with installations or equipment with which they will have to be integrated or connected.

Products are made with the utmost care and attention, from the best materials available on the market for which maximum functionality is guaranteed, reducing construction, testing and maintenance costs, always taking into account the purpose of sale. The products are designed, studied and constructed in such a way that, not only match in every detail the client's request, but also don’t carry any negative consequences upon connection for use; this often results in saving time and money in the starting phase by the users.

The components are carefully chosen always keeping in mind the final field of application of the product and the place of final destination, as to achieve the best compromise between cost, duration and rapid availability of possible future replacement components.

Sicimi, in compliance with the customer’s specific needs, with European standards and / or, when required, with different regulation as deemed necessary by the client, can design and deliver systems that help minimize energy costs maintaining high productivity keeping in consideration the type of existing energy available at the client site, in order to optimize the final product, guaranteeing an excellent quality / price ratio.

Thermoregulation control units - TCU


The thermoregulation control units are the core business of the company, which has designed and manufactured them for years, guaranteeing a safe, reliable and long-lasting product to its clients. These are industrial machines designed and made to measure to ensure the grade of thermoregulation requested by the client, for their specific use and field of application.

They come complete with electrical control panel and relative wiring. The inside pipes are properly insulated to ensure the safety of operators in the maintenance phase and to avoid energy losses.

Shell and tube heat exchangers


Sicimi initially started production of shell and tube heat exchangers for internal needs, when, thanks to the experience gained in thermoregulation, it decided to design and produce these units. The common features of the exchangers, in the standard version of the three product lines, are fixing the exchange tubes to the tube sheet by mechanical rolling without welding and the use of the following materials: carbon steel for shell and head-shell covers, stainless steel for the tube bundle.

Sicimi offers three product lines:


    The IN LINE heat exchangers are shell and tube exchangers with tube bundle constructed in a fixed manner to facilitate their tube side assembly in line on the pipes by means of flange connections.


    The BEM heat exchangers are shell and tube exchangers with tube bundle constructed in a fixed manner for easy mounting on skid.


    The BEU heat exchangers are shell and tube exchangers with tube bundle composed of special "U" shaped tubes, fixed by mechanical rolling to a single tube sheet.


In addition to the main products, Sicimi designs and builds other support elements within the industrial production processes and the fluid distribution lines, such as steam pressure regulators, pumping units, condensation recovery units, distribution manifolds, tanks and enclosures for electric heaters.

On request we manufacture other products such as connection lines for the use and distribution of fluid in the liquid, gaseous and / or aeriform state, other sets of elements mounted on a skid, and carpentry work.

Shell and tube heat exchangers

Our range of shell and tube heat exchangers includes three product types: IN LINE heat Exchangers, BEM heat exchangers, BEU heat exchangers (removable tube bundle).