• Always focusing on client satisfaction


Sicimi is a company strongly focused on its client satisfaction. The company starts a cooperation relationship with the client from the initial contacts, and follows with customer service which is placed on the same level of the development and product creation processes. From design to after sales service, it is immediately clear to the client that they can find in Sicimi an collaborator who is always helpful and cooperative as well as technically prepared.


A good start is important in all activities, and that is why for Sicimi the project is always considered important regardless of the size and type of system required. The projects department is the core of the company and consists of highly specialized staff, adequately trained and equipped with technologically advanced tools, ready and willing to analyze and to listen carefully to the client’s needs and able to deal with them in order to meet their demands and recommend the best solutions for an efficient end product. Specifications as well as international standards, will be strictly observed and when this is not possible the best alternatives will be provided.

From the drafting of P & I to the choice of materials and components everything is carefully analyzed. The project is then developed through the use of a 3D modeler that allows the study of the optimization of the available space.


Should it be necessary for the client, Sicimi provides adequate staff to design and create connecting lines from the plant to the users.

In this case, Sicimi offers assistance in carrying out preliminary project inspections (also virtual when possible, to avoid unnecessary expenses to clients in travel costs) to proactively prepare the best final result in relation to the existing situation where the plant will be placed.


Upon demand, the company is available for any potential maintenance of existing thermoregulation systems, or adapting them for new performance, where possible.

Technical assistance

Sicimi considers after-sales assistance extremely important; the company's philosophy and methodology of work brings it to develop a partnership with the client that goes beyond simple contact between supplier and customer but it becomes a collaboration that lasts in time. The technical staff involves the technical offices of the clients before and during the development of products in order to make them fully aware of all the technical and practical aspects regarding the product itself, suggesting the best and technically adequate solutions, and thanks to the great propensity for flexibility on which the whole company policy hinges, it also has a high capacity to implement any changes during construction.

The loyal clients of the company know they can rely on an entire technical staff at their disposal at all times to act in synergy with them, developing products that can improve the performance of their machines.

The attention paid daily to the quality of the final product produces a continuous enrichment of the list of parameters observed during design and construction, with the ultimate goal to continuously improve the product itself.

The contact for technical support is always easy and direct, without call centers or excessive filters and even after years from purchasing the client will find valuable support and assistance.

Thermoregulation control units

The thermoregulation control units are machines designed and made to measure to ensure the grade of thermoregulation requested by the client, for their specific use and field of application and are the core business of the company.