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Società Italiana Costruzione Impianti Montaggi Industriali

Sicimi was founded in 1982 in order to overcome the artisanal dimension of the "Filippi Narciso" Company, created in 1972 and specialized in hydraulic and thermo-industrial systems. The new company focuses on studying and developing design and construction of fluid distribution lines, either in liquid, gaseous and / or aeriform state, on location in the production plants of its clients, with whom the company closely collaborates by establishing long-lasting and profitable relationships.

Core business

The core business

In 1990 the company moved its settlement toCarbonate (Como), where it still is today. The new headquarters, apart from having larger spaces, offers many possibilities for development; being in an industrial area with a large presence of important companies in the plastics and rubber industry, Sicimi began, thanks to its experience and reliability, a long collaboration with an important client in the thermoregulation sector.

This partnership will prove strategic for the company and its metamorphosis. Thanks to its ability to grasp technical and business opportunities and to think to the future, Sicimi ventured into design and construction of small and large thermoregulation control units skid mounted, mainly intended for producers of machinery for rubber and plastic processing, but also for direct manufacturers of said materials. There began the development of what is now the core business.

The importance of the technical staff

Since 2001, facing the opportunity to recruit highly specialized technical personnel and expand its know-how, the Company, which has always valued highly its human capital, has been investing this way, and thanks to this it not only refined the production of thermoregulation control units introducing their design, but also expanded its range of products, developing and building shell and tube heat exchangers and other elements to aid in industrial production processes both standard and tailor-made according to client specifications. The technical staff works closely with clients to find the most suitable solutions to create systems that are guaranteed in high productivity and safety.

Staff tecnico Sicimi
Soluzioni tecniche per la termoregolazione su misura e standard

Tailor-made and standard technical solutions

The construction and assembly of thermoregulation control units, of heat exchangers and other products takes place at Carbonate with the latest generation machinery operated by highly qualified personnel, divided in two main departments: carpentry and plant engineering. The carpentry department deals with the construction of basic facilities and additional structures for the products such as closing panels or decks,while the plant engineering department develops and installs the circuits required by the plants on the structures. The production is constantly followed and controlled, ensuring that the projects developed by the technical staff are fully implemented and that, when required, the products strictly adhere to European standards and / or, when required, to different rules as necessary for the client.

The company today

Today Sicimi is synonymous with great experience, dedication to the study of reliable and cutting-edge technical solutions aimed to satisfy the most demanding clients.

It is a company that combines traditional craftsmanship with development and innovation to create long lasting products. Sicimi’s technical experience is critical for its clients of the most different manufacturing sectors, but it is the quality of its products and willingness to cooperate with the client that best represents the company and on which the reputation of professionalism and reliability of the company has been built.

The continuity in the management of the company by the shareholders guarantees reliability, and detailed attention to the clients with whom the company prefers to establish a continuing relationship of full cooperation, particularly from its highly qualified technical staff which is traditionally focused to meet the different needs of clients with tailor-made solutions.

L’azienda oggi

Thermoregulation control units

The thermoregulation control units are machines designed and made to measure to ensure the grade of thermoregulation requested by the client, for their specific use and field of application and are the core business of the company.